Weather Cycle

Weather Cycle for
Jazz Quartet and Orchestra

Weather Cycle for jazz quartet and orchestra reflects a logical extension of its composer’s compositional craft as well as a deepening awareness of orchestral traditions. The previous Lueurs project was loosely based on the re-imagining of French based repertoire pieces arranged for both a jazz quartet and a string quartet. A subsequent period of observation, intense listening, research and exploration have brought forth the right elements to allow a symphonic suite to see the light of day. 

The Weather Cycle is not a symphony orchestra playing jazz, nor is it merely jazz laden with orchestral backing. Rather it is a series of orchestral compositions which utilize the jazz quartet as one of the orchestra’s sections in order to further enhance the expressive possibilities.

The composer has a long-standing love of jazz as well as a deep-rooted reverence for 19th century and later orchestral classical music and its composers. The writing is lyrical and principally vertical, harmonic. The harmonies emanate from the jazz vocabulary, as do the structures which are more reflective of jazz and popular music than the different forms associated with classical music. The starting point is not a motif with subsequent multiple sections of development, but more often a 32-bar melody with a standard AABA structure. The melody leads the orchestrated development which will shape the piece from the initial setup through to its conclusion.

The title Weather Cycle for Jazz Quartet and Orchestra is intended as a map; the project comprises five sound image tableaux which depict a normal succession of weather events.

  • Motif Caniculaire
    (Heat wave pattern)
  • Le Catabatique
  • Front Froid
    (Cold front)
  • Accalmie
  • Les Aurores
    (Dancing lights)

The work was premiered on March 23, 2019 at the Oscar-Peterson Hall in Montreal, with the Orchestre symphonique de l'Isle, conducted by Cristian Gort.


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